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  1. Lucy – how are you? I have read everything on your Blog and your articles. Quite a read Lucy!!!

    Ever think about doing an article on Astronomy Outreach to High Schools? Your Blue Heaven campus is the epicenter of cutting edge outreach – or way – funding is an issue since NSF went POOF! Dan Reichart, my friend and professor at UNC-CH, runs two major astronomy programs in addition to teaching. He pioneered an outreach program where he focused on High School Students in N.C. Won a large grant and was quite successful in reaching minorities. Might be an interesting, education-related article – don’t know Lucy. Peruse these two links:

    Anyway, would love to see you again. We’re headed to Costa Rica so may have to connect near New Year’s timeframe!

    Te quiero , estar seguro y tener una gran fiesta!

    • Robert!

      Hello. I just saw your message for the first time a couple of days ago. I am so sorry for the delayed response. First and foremost, thank you for reading my stuff! I greatly appreciate it. And I would love to do a story about Dan Reichart and his astronomy outreach program. I think that would be fascinating. I just finished a post about another UNC professor (, and I very much like the idea of writing about the work of UNC (or other) professors from a ground view, so to speak.:)

      I hope you had a grand time in Costa Rica. I look forward to hearing about it on Sunday. Thanks much for the invite to the Super Bowl party!

      Hasta entonces……Lucy

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