Apple as a Second Language

IMG_1158So, I’m sitting in an Apple training session at Crabtree Valley Mall the other day learning how to use my relatively new MacBook, and the instructor, who is very nice and ultimately very helpful, keeps comparing the Apple way of doing things to the PC way of doing things, as if I have a good grasp of PCs, which I don’t. I’ve just been winging it with my PC, getting it to do, more or less, what I want it to do, and since I don’t need to do anything too fancy, it all kinda works out. So, the instructor’s attempt at an apples-to-apples comparison (sorry, I couldn’t resist) isn’t really working, but I do realize, of a sudden, how truly difficult it must be for immigrant students to learn English when they don’t have a solid foundation in their own language. I’ve written about immigrant education for a long time and have conceptually understood the linguistic hurdles, but now, as a result of yesterday’s ASL lesson, I have a much better grasp of ESL.