“Up for Grabs”

         The future of immigrant kids

Source: "Up for Grabs" report, Migration Policy Institute

A fourth of all young adults in the United States, an estimated 11.3 million people, are either immigrants or the children of immigrants. They represent a diverse group of people from all over the globe. Some are rich, some poor, some educated, some not. What binds them is their newness to the United States and an age range — 16 to 26 — that’s particularly pertinent to colleges and universities. A report called Up for Grabs  by the Washington-based Migration Policy Institute slices and dices the numbers to find out who the 11.3 million are and what the U.S. education system can do to help them finish college and get well-paying jobs. Here are a few statistics: 6.5 million were born in the United States.; 4.8 million were born abroad; more than half are Hispanic; 7.1 million are bilingual; 3 million are limited English proficient; nearlly half live in three states — California, Texas and New York; and 90 percent live in 22 states.

El Nuevo Baltimore

Illustration by Michelle Santos

Baltimore is home to an estimated 50,000 Latinos from throughout Latin America. The numbers alone represent a huge increase in the past 10 years, but what’s most telling are the neighborhoods, schools, and church pews that are now filled with predominantly Latino faces. Overall, Charm City has been welcoming to its newest wave of residents, many of whom are immigrants, and some harbor hope that they will help revitalize a city where the job base and the population have been in sharp decline for nearly half a century. This article in the December 2011 issue of Baltimore’s Urbanite Magazine tells the story. http://bit.ly/tZboCf