Preserving Jones Island

“They look really ugly, but they’re such an interesting organsim.” — Bree Kerwin

As you approach Jones Island, located in the mouth of the White Oak River along North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, it’s easy to imagine you’re in the South Pacific, speeding toward a grand adventure much like the ones that unfolded for six seasons on “LOST,” but Jones Island is under threat from predators much more menacing than smoke monsters or a settlement of mysterious “Others.” Jones Island is losing ground to erosion caused by the ripple effects of human development, recreational boating and the rising tides of climate change, and to protect the island, the N.C. Coastal Federation and Hammock Beach State Park have an educational program in place aimed at replenishing two key island defenses – marsh grasses and oyster beds. Read more about these efforts in this piece published by NCCF: Getting “LOST”