Men in black, white, gray

These four men are this year’s recipients of the Trinity College Teaching Awards at Duke Unviersity. I recently wrote about them for Duke Today, and it was a fun little perk to see how perfectly they dressed for the part. The one on the left is English professor Michael Moses, aka the man in black, who talks about his use of a poem called “Funeral Rite” to make literature, yes, come to life. Next to him is the showman, biology professor Mohamed Noor, who commands the attention of more than 400 students three times a week and makes an appropriately bold statement in white. Next up is philosophy professor Michael Ferejohn dressed to perfection in shades of gray; and last in the line-up is French/history professor Laurent Dubois, the only one who doesn’t fit the central casting mold. Then again, by incorporating everything from soccer to banjos into his teaching, he’s a little harder to peg. (Photo by Megan Morr, Duke University Photography)

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