Change Agents

Jesse Pipes is one of 10 former UNC students who drove around the southern part of Africa during the summer of 2001 living out of a van and sleeping in tents. He and his college friends had developed an educational program to help young school children grapple with HIV/AIDS, and after their initial low-budget tour took them to schools in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Malawi, they created World Camp, a fast-growing educational program based in Malawi. Pipes, who works from an office in Asheville, NC, is one of only four full-time employees of World Camp, but he and a much larger group of part-timers, board members and volunteeers have managed to reach thousands of school children, helping them deal with a disease that has taken more of a toll on southern Africa than any other part of the world. Pipes and his World Camp colleageus are among the many who have graduated from UNC and applied their know-how to helping others around the globe. Appearing in the May/June issue of the Carolina Alumni Review, here are some of their stories: Change Agents  Members of the General Alumni Association can find a digital version of the magazine here: Alumni Review